President Rodrigo Duterte warned that with the waged war against the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), another bomb explosion in the country is not far to happen.

Pres. Rody warns another bombing may happen
Photo by ABS-CBN News
“There will be another explosion, believe me,” Duterte said during a meeting with survivors and families of the victims in the night market bombing here last September 2.

He hinted that those behind the Sept. 2 deadly blast here were young Moro rebels.

“If not in Davao, then somewhere in Mindanao or other parts of the country,” the President added.

Duterte shared that he had expected a bomb attack after government launched intensive operations and attacks against the bandit group in Sulu.

But the President did not say who was behind the Davao bombing. He said:“No need to (say if it is) Maute, Abu Sayyaf."

The Maute group is based in Lanao del Sur, while the Abu Sayyaf is based in Basilan and Sulu provinces.

He added that those "young" Moro rebels do not belong belong to any organization.

"They are identified with the ISIS. They have sworn allegiance already to the Isis,” the President said.  AJRSP

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