President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday in a speech that he might be seen more often in China.

"You will see me more often in China," Duterte said during a speech at a new Misamis Oriental power plant.

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The President also hinted that he will be heading to China soonz probably end of October this year.

Duterte emphasized that in his China visits, he will demand that China respect the rights of Filipinos to fish in the West Philippine Sea.

"One of the things that I would demand if I go to the mainland China is: 'Give us back our fishing rights.' That's one, so our fellow Filipinos can make a living," he said.

A a joint venture between China and the Philippines involving gas resources in the disputed sea, the President said, may also be proposed.

"Then, whatever gas, mayroon doon (there was) agreement between China and the Philippines during the time of [Gloria Arroyo]. It was supposed to be, actually it was just legalese, diplomatic really, towards the joint venture," Duterte said.

Duterte was likely referring to the Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU), which the Arroyo administration entered into with China as well as Vietnam wherein three countries agreed, through their national oil corporations, to conduct joint explorations of the disputed South China Sea.

In his China trip, Duterte also said he would also bring up The Hague ruling on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) in an aggressive manner

Duterte said to allow for economic partnerships,.he wanted to preserve enough good will with China.

Meanwhile, Duterte is scheduled to visit Vietnam this month. AJRSP

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