Pres. Duterte met with Filipino community in Hanoi
Photo by Malacanang
President Rodrigo Duterte met with some 500 Filipinos in Hanoi, Vietnam Wednesday evening, September 28.

After the arrival honors at the Noi Bai International Airport, Duterte and his entourage immediately motored to the Intercontinental Hotel where the Filipino community in Vietnam waited for his arrival.

Filipinos here meanwhile expressed their support for President Duterte's intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

Jun Felix, president of the Filipino community based in northern part of Vietnam, said they believe that the President’s anti-drug war is intended for the next generation.

Emmanuel Lopez also said that Filipinos in Vietnam are excited to see Duterte, who only assumed the presidency last June 30.

He recalled that many Filipinos in Vietnam celebrated the victory of Duterte by holding parties following the presidential elections last May.

Around 3,800 Filipinos are working in Vietnam with around 900 of them staying in the capital of Hanoi. 

Many Filipino engineers occupy high-level managerial positions in infrastructure projects while Filipino managers and supervisors are in demand in leading local and international companies in the garment manufacturing industry.

There are a sizeable number of professionals working as English teachers and doctors in international hospitals based in Vietnam.  AJRSP

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