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A six-months pregnant woman died  after eleven days in a state of coma,  following the bombing attack in Roxas Night Market in Davao City last September 2.

Vicenta Depalubos Asperin is the 15th casualty in the blast.

Asperin, 21,  died at the Metro Davao Medical and Research Center at around 10:17 pm of September 12. She was expecting a baby girl.

Asperin died of heart failure and brain damage, the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) said, quoting a medical report.

The child she was carrying also passed away, but the death was counted as one since she was not separated from her mother.

"Based on the notes from the Local Civil Registrar, the counting should be one because the unborn baby remained inside the mother's womb. They were not separated," CSSDO chief Ma Luisa Bermudo said.

Asperin’s brother claimed that the family is demanding justice for what happened.

"I hope the people responsible are arrested and that they are made to pay for what they have done. My sister didn't do them wrong. She was innocent and she was pregnant. It is too much! They have to pay,” he said.

SOURCE: Rappler

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