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A public relations make-over might not help president Rodrigo Duterte rehab his image from a foul-mouthed no-holds-barred tough guy to a discreet diplomatic statesman.
According to public relations guru Reli German who once served former President Jseph Estrada said on Friday at the gathering of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines in Makati that it might be too late.
“Naunahan na niya tayo,” (He beat us to the draw), German, who has 53 years of experience in PR, said. “Digong  has been using his weakness as a point of strength. It has become his brand,”  he said.
He insisted that the only way for PR to work on the president is “if he listens”. Instead, he said, “what we have seen is a man who is urong-sulong (fickle-minded), who is surrounded by people who don’t know him that well.”
Duterte has made international headlines before his international debut at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) assembly for strong comments against the United States.
“Is there anybody among Mr. Duterte’s circle who can tell him to his face that he has to change because he’s now the President?” German asked.

He says the confusion with Duterte’s words and his real intent was caused by the fact that his own officials “don’t know him very well”  and therefore were not wble to explain his statements.
PR can turn the negative into something good, according to German, citing the example of Estrada’s “carabao english” which added to his charm.

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