SENATOR Grace Poe is pushing to enact a bill seeking for unemployed Social Security System (SSS) member to still receive a so-called “out-of-job pay” from SSS.

The Senate Bill No. 1036, Poe said, is geared towards expanding SSS benefits “to include immediate economic relief for workers who suffer from the setback of involuntary unemployment.” Under the bill, employees involuntarily separated from service would receive monthly cash payments based on their SSS contributions.

She added that this income support program was designed for “workers can still put food on the table for their children while they get back on their feet and find more stable sources of income.”

Poe pushes for “out-of-job pay” bill
Photo by: Inquirer
“Job generation is a key to addressing unemployment, but we must not turn our backs on those who are desperately seeking for jobs at these difficult times,” Poe said in a press statement Friday.

SSS members with contributions of six months to two years would receive one month compensation; two months’ pay for those who have contributed for up to two years; three months relief for those with contributions of four to six years; four months compensation for those with six to 11 years contributions; and a maximum five-month temporary pay for those who have contributed for 11 to 15 years.

 “Isn’t it only right for us to aid our countrymen who are suddenly unemployed? We should not let them completely lose hope and we should help them to rise again in the quickest possible manner,” Poe said in Filipino.

Based on the Philippine Statistics Authority data, some 2.6 million Filipinos are unemployed as of April, 2016. AJRSP

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Poe pushes for “out-of-job pay” bill Poe pushes for “out-of-job pay” bill Reviewed by Kristian S. on 03 September Rating: 5

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