The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) said it busted a syndicate selling illegal firearm parts and accessories online and that the group was planning to kill President Rodrigo Duterte in the process.

CIDG on Thursday presented to the media 15 US-made gun parts composed of receivers for rifles, magazine and and bolt assemblies, buffer spring locks, firearms butt parts and suppressors. The weapons were valued at P4.5 million.

The shipment was seized by the CIDG at a raid in Bacolod City last month where they took hold of the alleged syndicate heads Bryan Ta-Ala and Wilford Palma.

PNP uncovers plans to assassinate Duterte
Photo by Manila Bulletin
Palma, who was presented to the media yesterday, revealed that one of their regular customers told Ta-Ala early last month that the low end parts of a gun they ordered will be used to assemble a gun to assassinate President Duterte.

When asked for a reaction from the president, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said “the President is concerned but not worried (about these threats).  He eats threats for breakfast meaning to say, it’s not something new to him.”

“It’s a very heroic stand. He really understands there is a call to war on several fronts, war on drugs, war on terrorism, war on crime. He is really engaged in several fronts, and he is aware that his life is constantly under threat,” he added.

Duterte remains unafraid of death threats and alleged assassination plots and has no plan of scaling down his trips outside MalacaƱang. He has said that he was prepared to die in his fight against crime.

CIDG director Chief Supt. Roel Obusan said, “the modus operandi of this group is using fictitious names and false documents in claiming the packages with the contraband of different firearms component parts which are bought in the United States and shipped to the country through the use of legitimate international cargo forwarders.”

He said the firearms are packed in balikbayan boxes which usually are not subject to customs’ strict inspection. MJM

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