After the tension-filled senate hearing on extrajudicial killings yesterday, hundreds of Philippine Military Academy Alumna condemned the behaviour of Senator Trillanes, also an alumnus of the academy. According to them, he was being a bully to his fellow senator Alahna peter Cayetano.

PMA alumni condemn Trillanes through open letter

The open letter was written by Abe Paruggan Batch ’78 and Dan Jimenez Batch ’77. They criticized the senator and said that he was an embarrassment to the Philipine Military Academy Alumni.

It was posted in the public group “TheLongGrayLine” and has been shared over 3,000 times. More than 2,800 people have also reacted to the post.

The group was hoping that Trillanes would apologize for his uncouth behaviour. 

Affixed to the letter were names of PMA Alumni and cadets who share the same sentiments.

Currently, Trillanes is under fire for turning off the microphone of Cayetano during the senate hearing. However, Trillanes said that he does not regret doing do, as he believes that he just followed standard protocol. ASCS

Source/s: Manila BulletinPinoy Trending

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