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Department of Foreign Affairs secretary Perfecto Yasay defended President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war, telling the United Nations not to interfere in the implementation of the campaign.

"We urge everyone to allow us to deal with our domestic challenges in order to achieve our national goals, without undue interference," Yasay addressed the UN General Assembly.

Duterte's war on drugs have attracted criticisms both from national and international bodies. Human rights groups expressed that even security forces are involved in extrajudicial killings.

His campaign promise to eradicate illegal drug trade in six months and the death of 100,000 criminals in the process was crucial in his election as the president. Since his inauguration on June 30, the death toll has already risen up to 3,000 with only a third whose deaths were due to police operations.

"We have not and we will never empower our law enforcement agents to shoot-to-kill individuals suspected of drug crimes," Yasay said. "Extrajudcial killings have no place in our society, and in our criminal justice system."

He also told the General Assembly that Duterte got a 92% approval rating for his staunch campaign. "Our actions, however, have grabbed both the national headlines and international attention for all the wrong reasons."

Yasay argued that because of corruption and drugs, communities ave been torn apart and families have been destroyed. He said that the country wouldn't be able to achieve its goals without first tackling corruption and drugs.

Duterte and the UN have had made headlines after the former's tirades against the international body.


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