The government (GRP) panel negotiating peace with the National Democratic Front (NDF) is committed in signing a final peace agreement with communist guerillas within one year, giving the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte five more years to start implementing key reforms mutually-agreed upon by both parties.

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Government negotiator Hernani Braganza disclosed that the Duterte administration has set a self-imposed deadline to wrap up the peace talks in a year's time to allow the implementation stage of the peace process to take root before the President's term ends in year 2022.

"The negotiation stage may be difficult, but the real test of the peace process lies in the implementation of social, economic, and political reforms mutually-agreed upon by both parties," Braganza told participants of the Central Visayas People's Summit for Peace and Change held in Cebu City.

"The Duterte government and the NDF share a common mission: address the root causes of the armed conflict. Both panels are guided by this mission and we are serious in finding joint solutions to attain just and lasting peace," he added.

Braganza expressed optimism that both panels would be able to finish the negotiation within one year following an agreement in Oslo to accelerate the timetable that binds their Reciprocal Working Committees (RWCs) and Reciprocal Working Groups (RWGs) to complete work on the substantive agenda of the peace negotiations within specific timeline.

Part of the agreement was a commitment by the RWCs on Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) of both panels to "endeavor to complete work within a period of six months." AJRSP

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