According to presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo, Senator Leila de Lima was deserving of her ouster as chair of the Senate committee on justice after allegedly abusing her authority by blaming Duterte.

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“De Lima’s removal as Chair is a comeuppance or a deserved rebuke from her peers in the Senate,” Panelo said.

Furthermore, he said that the senators just proved that they do not tolerate “unfounded and malicious” allegations against the president, during the ongoing probe on extrajudicial killings.

“(The ouster) is a testament to the overwhelming majority members of the Senate’s sense of propriety that it will not countenance a member’s propensity for besmirching the reputation of President Duterte by unfounded and malicious imputations using the committee as tool to achieve her end,” Panelo explained.

A total of sixteen senators voted in favour of the eviction of De Lima, days after she presented a self-confessed hit man and former DDS member. 

Panelo suggested that she shouldn’t have pushed through with the senate probe since she once led a “biased and unsuccessful” probe on Duterte’s involvement in vigilante killings in Davao City. 

However, De Lima refuted and said that “It’s a numbers game, it’s a political move.” 

“’I know the president is behind this,” she claimed, and said that more will be revealed in her privilege speech on Tuesday. ASCS

Source: ABS-CBN News

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