Among the flood of sympathizing postings online regarding the bombing that happened in Davao, Jean Nunez Ladra’s Facebook status stood out like a sore thumb for wrongfully blaming the President for the incident.

In her status that was reacted to by more than 17,000 Facebook users, she mocked the bombing and said that not all people are afraid of Duterte and Bato, which is true, but is obviously out of context.

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Netizen under fire for insensitive online post
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Furthermore, she—perhaps as an attempt to joke or maybe to prove her terrible sense of logic—said that we need the help of Encantadia, a fantasy world based on the fanta-serye of the GMA Network. 

She was immediately bombarded by bashers, firing insults and mockery as well. Maybe the Facebook status was indeed a joke, a terrible one at that, but such should never be posted not only because it is unintelligent, but also because it insults and makes a mockery of the pain and tragedy of the people. ASCS

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