The bombing at a night market in Davao City ended the lives of 15 people and injured more. But while some Filipinos are sympathetic enough for the tragic incident, some netizens were joyful to the point of mocking the incident.

Netizen calls out PH media in Davao bombing reports
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This greatly exasperated Duterte supporters and Davaoenos.

Bim Baron, a concerned citizen, posted on Facebook his sentiments about the Philippine media. He said that when it ones to killed drug suspects, they quickly turn to their family for an interview—something that they didn’t do to the victims of the bombing.

He titled his post “VERY DISAPPOINTED with PH MEDIA”, and talked about how terribly the media handled and reported the bombing differently.

Despite this, he recognized CNN Philippines for their real-time updates regarding the incident.

His full post:
When drug pushers were killed in a legit police operation, they're so fast interviewing the family of the drug addicts/pushers ALA MMK!
14 were dead, 71 wounded last night in Davao City bombing. You know what broke my heart, the victims were legit people working hard to feed their families. These were people who chose a legit job to earn. Did they receive the same treatment given by Media to families of killed pushers/addicts? A DEFEANING SILENCE. LATE REACTION FROM CHR. WHERE'S THE NOISY WOMEN'S GROUP? WHERE'S THE UNITED CHURCH? WHERE ARE YOU? WHERE'S AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL? WHERE'S UN? WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE SHOUTING FOR HUMANITY? WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE WHO CHASTISE THE PRESIDENT even before he say a word?
WE condemn this barbaric act of the ABU SAYAF! 
HANDS DOWN to my fellow PINOYS who celebrate the bombing.
How insensitive of you...
Para kay tatay og nanay na namaligya gabii para naay mapakaon sa ilang mga anak.
Para kay ate og kuya na masahita na tag singkwenta lang ang kita
Para kay kuya og ate sa barbQhan na nag hatag og kalipay sa mamalitay kay lami na barato pa.
Para sa mga street sweepers na nagpadayon sa kalimpyo biskan ngitngit na.
Para sa mga estudyante na nanihapon lang man unta didto kay barato.
Para sa nagabaligya og durian og ice cream.
Og sa tanang na angol, may you find peace and healing in the presence of GOD.
Thanks CNN Philippines for the real time update last night, wala jud mi ninyo gi biya-an sa eri...Daghang Salamat.
Daghang salamat sa Ateneo Community Center...


Source: Bim Baron

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