“Nakalusot lang talaga. It’s not the right time to point fingers. Nalusutan lang talaga,” the country’s top cop said on Saturday, when asked about reports that the Davao City’s officials received reports about a plan to bomb the city days prior to the incident.

Around 10 pm on Friday, an improvised explosive device or IED went off in a night market along Roxas Street. Police are now tracking down 4 “persons of interest”, while follow-up operations are still ongoing.

‘Nakalusot lang talaga’ –Dela Rosa
Photo by Inquirer
When he was asked if the investigation involved a probe into their own agency, Dela Rosa said that it’s the least of their concerns. “I am not dissatisfied with the performance of our policemen here in Region 11. They are doing the best.”

He also explained that the terrorists would still find ways to carry out their plans despite the best intelligence.

“During my time, a bomb exploded in Davao too. I was intelligence officer during the Sasa Warf bombing and the Ecoland Valentine’s Day bombing. So that means that they really just find ways. We cannot just blame anybodt,” he said.

He illustrated his point by bringing back to light the 9/11 attacks, saying that the CIA of the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency—“world’s strongest intelligence agency”—wasn’t able to stop it.

He encouraged the people in Davao to return to their daily activities and the normal course of commerce in the city. Roxas Street was opened again on Saturday evening. 

Duterte has announced that the country is currently under a “state of lawlessness” following the bombing incident. Dela Rosa followed suit and declared the PNP under full alert.

The security in Davao has been tightened than usual, especially at the city’s borders. ASCS

Source: Rappler

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