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After revealing the list of personalities involved in illegal drug trade, President Rodrigo Duterte said he will disclose another list, this time those involved in illegal gambling.
He said that the list is composed of local officials and law enforcers in the country protecting and involved in the conduct of illegal gambling.

"That is for sure, involved personalities are not limited to PNP, also other law enforcement agencies," Alexander Balutan, general manager of Philippine Charity and Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said in an interview.

He underscored that those involved must stop immediately before the list will come out soon.

"Bitiwan niyo na yan, those involved na sumasahod from thatbillegal activity, kasi pag nasali ang pangalan niyo, I am sure that you will be kicked out from service or worst be faving charges," he added.

He also said that once the illegal gambling will be put to an end, the aid to the poorer Filipinos from the PCSO may be doubled.

"Sigurado naman po na lahat ng revenue ng PCSO napupunta sa mga charities, so we hope to increase our revenue para mas marami pang mahihirap na Pilipino ang makikinabang," Balutan said.

Earlier this month, PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa said they are  confident that the campaign against illegal gambling would not be as bloody as the war on drugs.

“They are not drug-crazed who do not understand. Gambling lords will not fire at you,” Dela Rosa said.

The police official expressed hope that they will still get the support of the public once they tackle illegal gambling, although he admitted that many earn their livelihood from such activities.

“Although that is illegal… many lives depend (on illegal gambling)… If you are involved in gambling, your brain will not shrink. You’re still sane. But your moral values (are compromised) because that’s illegal, against the law,” the PNP Chief added. AJRSP

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