Kris Aquino has left ABS-CBN.

After months of silence, the actress finally confirmed her departure from the network in her instagram account.

Aquino has been in the network for 20 years.

“We were set to renew our contract February 2016, it was a generous, less demanding agreement but at that time there was a threat to my life we needed to take seriously, I had to regain my health, and I needed time for my family (and) me,” Aquino’s post read.

Kris Aquino leaves ABS-CBN, joins GMA producer
Photo by ABS-CBN
Former president Benigno Aquino has confirmed that there was in fact a threat from the Abu Sayyaf during his term. The group threatened to kidnap his sister along with senator Manny Pacquiao.

“We didn’t sign then, I went to Hawaii, came back to campaign, then left again. Our agreement was we’d talk when I got back. That is the risk of taking time for yourself- when you come back there’s no guarantee that a space will be held for you. We spoke in July but there was no definite show (and) no assured time frame of my return on air. I perfectly understood- as much as I wanted to believe I was a pillar of the network, everybody is dispensable. And I say that with no bitterness- just HONESTY,” she continued.

“So to all of you saying please don’t leave- it wasn’t a choice that was just mine to make. I take my share of the responsibility. And I say that w/ so much gratitude in my heart.”

Aquino has hosted several talk shows in the network like “KrisTV,” “Today with Kris Aquino,” “The Buzz,” and “Game KNB?”. She also starred in the movies “Feng Shui” and “Sukob”

There is yet tobe an announcement of the actress joining GMA Network but she confirmed that she is now working with Tony Tuviera of TAPE and APT entertainment, producer of “Eat Bulaga”.

Tuviera handles Marian Rivera and Maine Mendoza.

“Our plan was initially just a digital initiative- I know you miss my #foodtrips (and) my #cooking #recipes #roadtrips(and) #travel… But maybe my guardian angel in heaven (could it have been you, Mom?) was working overtime (and) what was an attempt at something new (and) experimental, evolved into a vision & a presentation that felt perfect for who I am now & for our TV collaboration,” she said in a separate Instagram post.

The collaboration, she said, was 30 years in the making.

“Mr. T actually remembered coming to our home in Times Street in 1986 to meet my Mom to produce a show for me when I was 15 years old. 30 years after- dumating na ang TAMANG PANAHON (the right time has come).”

Aquino says there is no bad blood between her and ABS-CBN.

“This is the 1st (and) last I shall say about this chapter of my life. You deserved the true story (and) I gave you my truth, so that we may all move forward… So here’s a shoutout of THANK YOU to the Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN for all that was, and here’s a shoutout of THANK YOU to my new APT family for all that will be. And most of all my THANK YOU to all of you for allowing me to just be me,” she said in another Instagram post. MJM

Kris Aquino leaves ABS-CBN, joins GMA producer

Kris Aquino leaves ABS-CBN, joins GMA producer

Kris Aquino leaves ABS-CBN, joins GMA producer

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