Undersecretary of Tourism Advocacy and Public Affairs Katherine “Kat” de Castro said on her Facebook page on Saturday, the explosion in Roxas Night Market in Davao City is most probably a diversion.

“The explosion is probably a diversion at the expense of innocent lives. Shame on whoever is behind this. Now, you have angered us even more.” The former journalist and daughter of Former Vice President Noli de Castro said.

De Castro hit on the netizens claiming that what happened was mere “karma” on the city.

Kat de Castro: Davao explosion a diversion
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“Excuse me, pero mas naniniwala ako na those who laugh at the expense of innocent lives who perished. Kayo po ang kakarmahin.” She stated.

She also called on to people to calm down after many reacted with fear when President Rodrigo Duterte declared State of Lawlessness in response to the tragedy on Saturday morning.

She said it wouldn’t amount to Martial Law.

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De Castro said that even in this tragedy, many people’s hatred for Duterte “knows no boundaries”, and that Dabawenyos are paying the price for it.

“You pray for France, for Syria and for whatever. But when it comes to your own countrymen, you say "buti nga." She said.

“Ask yourselves, what kind of monster have you become?” she added.

In a State of Lawlessness, the President according to the constitution, has the power to call on the armed forces to prevent or suppress lawless violence. MJM

Source: Kat De Castro FB Page

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