Following the ouster of Senator Leila de Lima, she delivered a privileged speech yesterday where she described President Rodrigo Duterte “drunk with power”, which triggered the spate of drug-related killings.

“It would take more than a committee chairmanship, a House inquiry intended to pillory and crucify me, an ethics committee complaint based on hearsay, a baseless election protest, everyday tirades from the secretary of justice and the solicitor general, and vicious personal attacks from the President to take me down,” an emotional de Lima said. “I guess it would take two magazines of an Uzi machine pistol to take me down.”

“It would take two magazines of an Uzi pistol to take me down” –De Lima
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It was an allusion to the testimony of a self-confessed hitman and ex-DDS member Edgar Matobato who testified and linked the president to the killings in Davao City during his reign as the city mayor.

She likened Duterte to the dictatorial tendencies of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune, who is considered to be the “executioner” of those drunk with power.

“Look behind you, and don’t forget that you are just a human being—not God, human. You’re just human,” she said.

“If you’re not pro-Duterte, you’re a drug lord coddler, you are a pusher, you are an addict,” she added. “This is the new communist bogey in our airtime: the addict. If you do not worship Lord Duterte, you are an addict because only addicts don’t worship Lord Duterte.”

She also said that Duterte’s declaration of national emergency implied that the administration was incapable of enforcing order so they had to resort to such means to maintain public sadety.

“So are we in a State of Safety, as claimed by Sen. Cayetano? Or are we in a State of Lawlessness, as declared by the President? Safe lawlessness, or lawless safety? We call that an ‘oxymoron,’ with emphasis on moron.”

She also hit Cayetano for comparing the peace and order situation of the Philippines and the Singapore. “If Singapore is as peaceful as the Philippines now, did it mean that 30 people need to die every day there to be safe? She added that summarily executing drug pushers as an attempt to achieve peace and order will lead to “peace of the dead.”

“We’re slowly going there (peace of the dead), because the administration is slowly filling our cemeteries, literally exterminating criminals.”

De Lima emphasized that it was Duterte who is putting the country in a bad light, especially that he’s complicating matters by being vulgar towards world leaders. They are only expressing their concern over the killings brought about the campaign against drugs, she said.

“The President has already proven that he is more than capable of single-handedly giving a bad image of this country to the whole world in the short span of three months in office,” she said. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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“It would take two magazines of an Uzi pistol to take me down” –De Lima “It would take two magazines of an Uzi pistol to take me down” –De Lima Reviewed by Kristian S. on 21 September Rating: 5

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