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In a report filed by Karen Lema and written by Martin Petty, Duterte was criticized for speaking to the “Philippines’ business elite” while wearing “the same brown, casual polo shirt” that he had already worn on previous occasions.

INTERNATIONAL reporters took President Rodrigo Duterte’s “fashion-sense” a big deal
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Duterte, who is not from the country’s traditional Manila-based power blocs, has spoken in the economic forum about drugs and crime--- an approach that was questioned by the same reporters despite the fact that the President already taken pains to explain that being a lawyer, his approach to governance — the economy included — will always be in the light his training and experience.

Duterte in his previous speaking engagements loudly made clear that he never made “pretensions of being an economist.”

Despite media attacks, in statements made before the during the “Aim for Change” forum of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Manuel V. Pangilinan said “the business sector will definitely work with the new government and its 10-point agenda. There’s a positive energy in working with the incoming administration.”

Also, at the same forum, shipping magnate Doris Magsasay-Ho expressed confidence in Duterte’s leadership when she said that “in Davao, his focus is to take away the pain points of everyone. So the greatest rallying point is to have very clear strategic intent.”

This was echoed by the Venerable Washington Sycip, founder of the SGV accounting firm, when he talked about Duterte and what he has done for his city. 

“What he has done for Davao is wonderful in terms of integrity and policies. It’s encouraging to hear him talk about that. If he can do to the country what he has done for Davao, no one should worry. If he can do it there, why not the entire nation?”

With all these accounts from the business sector, it is but apparent that confidence under Duterte administration is high. None of them even bothered to comment on the President’s brown shirt. AJRSP

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INTERNATIONAL reporters took President Rodrigo Duterte’s “fashion-sense” a big deal INTERNATIONAL reporters took President Rodrigo Duterte’s “fashion-sense” a big deal Reviewed by Kristian S. on 19 September Rating: 5

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