IMPRESSED by the Philippine government’s way of eliminating the rampant illegal drugs, the Indonesian government is planning to replicate “tough” campaign of the Philippines led by President Rodrigo Duterte by strengthening its own police force with additional manpower and heavier firepower.

Indonesia plans to replicate PH’s war on drugs
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In a report, the Southeast Asian country has been reportedly inspired by its neighbor’s popular ‘war-on-drugs’ that has resulted in the crackdown of several drug pushers and the surrender of hundreds of thousands users within two months of assumption of the new administration.

This plan is amid reports of alleged ‘extra-judicial killings’ in the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

In the Philippines, amid criticisms, majority of Filipinos are still unfazed in supporting the government’s effort “to rid the country of the monstrosity that has crept into its system for decades; corrupting politicians and people alike.”

Indonesia’s chief of national anti-narcotics agency (BNN), Budi Waseso, said that they are “in the process of adding weapons, investigators, technology, and sniffer dogs to its arsenal as it steps up law enforcement efforts in one of the region’s biggest narcotics markets.”

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 “Yes I believe so that we can be as aggressive as the Philippines. It can happen because (the drugs problem) in Indonesia is as bad as in the Philippines,” the official said.

“The life of a dealer is meaningless because (he) carries out mass murder. How can we respect that?” Waseso added.

After the Asean Summit in Laos, the two leaders of both countries agreed to meet in Jakarta where the respective anti-drug plans will be of top priority. AJRSP

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