"Isipin mo ang sasagutin mo, isipin mo na dapat totoo ang sasabihin mo dahil walang lusot dito. We are investigating, we have to interpellate, kailangang palabasin ang totoo otherwise I will hold you in contempt."

Photo by GMA News
This was how Sen. Richard Gordon threatened witness Edgar Matobato after it was learned that the latter already submitted an affidavit mentioning his supposed participation in the Davao Death Squad when he denied earlier executing one.

To lessen the pressure, Gordon tried to state his threat in a mix of Filipino and English.

“In Tagalog iko-contempt kita. E wala namang Tagalog iyong contempt. Pinapatawa ko lang kayo para mawala ang tension baka may dutdutan na naman tayo dito,” he said, referring to the incident last hearing when Sen. Trillanes turned off the mic of Sen. Cayetano to stop the him from talking.

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The contempt threat came after Cayetano asked Matobato if he already executed an affidavit, to which the latter responded 'no'.

However the NBI refuted Matobato's statement and confirmed that they have an affidavit of Matobato already.

Source: GMA News

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