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Self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato is facing a frustrated murder case filed by former adjudicator of the Department of Agrarian Reform in Davao del Sur.

Matobato has testified in the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights during the probe on the alleged drug-related extrajudicial killings. He confessed that he is a member of the Davao Death Squad, a group that is also alleged to be linked to Presidet Rodrigo Duterte.

According to him, they get their orders to kill criminals and drug users from Duterte when he was still the reigning city mayor.

The complaint was filed by Attorney Abeto Salcedo Jr., who recognized Matobato during the televised Senate probe last week. He claimed that Matobato was the one who attempted to murder him in October 2014.

Salcedo received six gunshot wounds. He also believes that the murder attempt has something to do with his line of work as DAR adjudicator.

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