President Rodrigo Duterte insists on the credibility of his “narcolist” despite wrongly including the names of former Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. and two other former provincial officials.

Despite the error, he said that he will release a fresh set of names. “It is my duty to tell the nation what is happening.”

“When I return, I will have one session with the media and read my list. It has some judges, congressmen, mayors, a lot of barangay captains, the police, and one or two from the military,” he said.

According to him, his newest narcolist would depict the extent of the drug affectation in the country, which is 92% of all barangays with 11,000 policemen, and 16,000 barangay captains involved.

When he and his team realized that they failed to verify their information on Espino, Rafael Baraan, and Raul Sison, he didn’t have a choice but to own up to it and publicly apologize three times.

“I will not pretend I’m perfect, I have so many faults in life. It is my duty if I commit wrong, I should apologize, that is the way to go in this world,” the president said. ASCS


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Duterte’s new narcolist involves 11,000 cops Duterte’s new narcolist involves 11,000 cops Reviewed by Unknown on 29 September Rating: 5

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