President Rodrigo Duterte’s arrival in Vietnam was met with more than 600 Filipino professionals who swarmed him for selfies.

They waited long hours to have their picture taken with their idol, who regaled them in return. Most were Filipinos who were based in Vietnam.

Duterte swarmed by Vietnam fans for selfies
Photo by Malacanang
In his speech at the Intercontinental Hotel, Duterte discussed about Senator Leila de Lima and his critics which include international bodies.

“I’m the favourite whipping boy now of human rights (advocates) all over the world—De Lima (US President Barack) Obama, (UN Secretary General) Ban Ki-moon,” Duterte said.

“What is the basic problem with human rights all over the world, Obama, Ban Ki-moon and the EU? This is my country, the Philippines. I have to protect the people, I have to protect the integrity, territorial or otherwise, of my country,” the president explained.

According to his estimates, there are 3.7 million drug addicts in the country, and that the narcotics trade nets up to P216 billion a year.

He also mentioned his infamous “narcolists” what contain the names of government officials, police, and military officers who are allegedly linked to drug trade or drug use.

Since his inauguration, 3,700 people have already been killed by police and unknown vigilante killers.

“I intend to kill more because I have to account for these 4 million. I will not leave the presidency in shame. Better than I be the one jailed. I’ll kill them all,” he said. ASCS


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