Davao City officials have denied the claims of confessed assassin Edgar Motabato that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte ordered the killing of Cebu businessman Richard King and that four of the security personnel of Duterte’s political Rival, Prospero Nograles were killed by the Davao Death Squad.

Duterte son, sister deny allegations

President Rodrigo Duterte’s youngest sibling, Jocelyn, also denied the allegation that she had the DDS kill her dance instructor in 2013.

“What [Sen. Leila] de Lima and this certain Matobato say in public are mere allegations,” said Paolo, who, Matobato claimed, ordered King’s killing after an argument over a woman.

“In the absence of proof, they are mere hearsay,” the vice mayor added, “I will not dignify with an answer the accusations of a madman.”

Matobato claims that Paulo,the president’s son, was a drug user.

Former Speaker Nograles also denied the man’s accusation that four of his personnel were executed by the death squads.

My former bodyguards were all members of the Marine Corps,” Nograles said. “Not one of them had died and as far as I know, they have all gone back to their mother units.”
Nograles’ son, Rep. Karlo Nograles, also denied Matobato’s claim. “I don’t know what this guy is talking about,” he said.

“From the time I was chief of staff (of my father) to the time I was elected congressman, no supporter of ours or persons under our employ was ever killed due to politics,” Karlo said. “Political differences in our city has always been strictly on the level of difference in policy and style,” he added.

The president’s sister was also outraged by the accusations, claiming that she was a private individual and that Matobato was a liar who didn’t know her.

None of my DIs had been killed. I can present all the DIs I have danced with … I am not denying that I have been dancing for 20 years now. None of them had been killed,” Jocelyn said.

Jocelyn in an interview with Bombo Radyo said De Lima should be blamed for this. She says the allegations were mere hearsay and that she was not like the senator.

“I am not that kind of woman. If we compare [De Lima’s] reputation with mine, excuse me,” she said.

Jocelyn said she was blaming De Lima for this because it was impossible that she did not know what the witness was going to say.

“Witnesses cannot just be made to testify if you don’t know what he is going to say. So don’t tell me you did not know and you talk about human rights. Where is mine now?” she said. MJM

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