President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to take full control of the militia in Mindanao, specifically of the Bagani command which is the paramilitary group accused of instilling fear among the people in the countryside.

Photo by Jigger Jerusalem
“I am not ordering the Army to take full control of the Bagani Command and the—there is another group I forgot the name, so many,” the president said.

“Mahinto na sana ito because we are really trying our best to come up with a peaceful country,” he said during a visit in Cagayan de Oro. “The communist have agreed to talk so we are talking.”

“The fighting in the mountain has been going on ever since. But you know, I have noticed from many reports that the government-backed paramilitary units are still operating.”

“Paramilitary operating, especially with firearms issued by the government, that would undermine the peace process,” he added. The Bagani is allegedly linked to the murder of political activists including Italian priest Fr. Fausto Tentorio and peasant leaders.

The Lumads from Compostela Valley and Bukidnon, after being harassed by Bagani and Alamara militias in their own hometowns, have been staying for more than a year now in Davao City. ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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