COMMUNIST leaders Benito and Wilma Tiamzon JOAN BONDOC

President Rodrigo Duterte is set to meet with the "entire communist hierarchy". He began by inviting the Tiamzon couple, Benito and Wilma,  who were recently released as part of the peace negotiations, for dinner at the Palace.

The president admitted "rumblings" in the Armed Forces of the Philippines as he cozied up to members of the Communist Party of the Philippines-National Democratic Front of the Philippines (CPP-NDFP).

 “I’ve heard that  there are rumblings because they are natural enemies … there are many who died from the military. But I told them, you know guys, I am your President, I am your Commander in Chief. That is a title for war. Unfortunately, I am not a war-time President.”Duterte said.

Se said peace in the country is his main task, which is why he met with leaders of the CPP-NDFP even before he set foot in MalacaƱang.

“This would really be the first time that the enemies of the state are here for—it’s part of what you would call civility. Just because we are in a war doesn’t mean to say that we have to be war at all times. We can always talk and maybe, just maybe, it will bring peace to the land,” Duterte said.

The rebellion sparked by CPP founder Jose Ma. Sison in the late 1960's has created enmity between its army unit, The New People's Army and the AFP. MJM

SOURCE: Inquirer

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