Despite the criticisms of the bloody anti-drug campaign, President Rodrigo Duterte insisted to the Congress the restoration of death penalty “to instill fear of violating the law.”

Duterte insists on death penalty
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According to Duterte, the previous presidents did not have the courage to fully implement the death penalty which couldn’t have worsened the drug menace. He asked his allies in Congress to start working on the restoration of the death penalty, which was abolished when Ferdinand Marcos was thrown out of his seat in 1986 but was retained for heinous crimes in the new constitution.

The capital punishment was abolished during the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“Walang namatay, kasi walang… you removed actually, the essence of criminal law, (which) is the fear to violate the law. What prevailed was not the fear of the law but impunity and the absence of accountability,” Duterte explained. 

He also cited that some governors and mayors have chosen not to follow the law, especially those who engaged themselves in illegal activities. “However, you bring the matter to a physical, medical or spiritual issue, for as long as the essence of fear is not there. Fear of accountability, that is why I want the death penalty. You answer for your deeds.”

However, an informal survey conducted by the House of Representatives showed that Filipinos are divided on the issue of the reimposition of the death penalty to discourage heinous crimes.

“Filipinos hunger and thirst for justice, not for blood. And this craving for justice may be satisfied only by profound and comprehensive reforms in law enforcement, prosecution service, the judiciary and our prisons,” said Buhay part-list representative Lito Atienza.

“Offhand, many Filipinos who appear to favour the revival of capital punishment are merely venting their exasperation over the miserable performance of our criminal justice system,” said the senior deputy minority leader.

The survey showed that 50% are in favour of the capital punishment, while 48% are not, and the remaining 2% are undecided. He said that the lethal injection is “shaky, weak, and shallow.”

He pinned the corruption in the country on the justice system, which has so long “deeply frustrated and angered” the Filipinos. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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