Despite his toughness when it comes to illegal drugs, there’s no way Rodrigo Duterte will be like Ferdinand Marcos, the president claimed on Wednesday.

Duterte spoke to repatriated overseas Filipino workers about his administration’s campaign against drugs where he claimed he had no intention of becoming a dictator.

“I have no plan of becoming a dictator. I am a lawyer. My mother is a Yellow Friday leader in Davao. They will say … he will do a Marcos. Far from it. I am just doing my duty,” he said.

Duterte: I won’t be another Ferdinand Marcos
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Duterte claimed the next generation would be “compromised” should his plans for the country be hindered. 

“You know who that is? Your children. Even your grandchildren. Then we will have a failed country,” he said.

He claimed that while there are many who disagree with him, he would continue “solving the problem” in fear that it would worsen if he doesn’t move against it.

“What if it happens? What will we do with the Philippines?” he said, claiming his immobility would compromise the country.

Duterte said he was not afraid of being jailed as a result of his war against illegal drugs.
He called on the OFW’s to avoid drugs, “Avoid drugs at all cost because it could cost your life, too,” he said.

Duterte claimed that more than three million Filipinos were affected by illegal drugs, which he coined as a “crisis for the country”. MJM

Source: Inquirer

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