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President Rodrigo Duterte said he doesn't know the self-confessed  Davao Death Squad hitman, Edgar Matobato.

Duterte said: "Hindi. I don't remember. Kasi kagaya nito, when I was the mayor, the one providing security, puro pulis."

 Matobato claimed he was a part of a small group of hitmen called the "Lambada Boys" in the Senate hearings investigating the extrajudicial killings linked with Duterte.

He claimed Duterte ordered the killings himself.

Matobato claimed Duterte knew him personally and saw the president give orders to assassins.

The witness also said he was once part of the security detailed to Duterte's eldest son and current Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

The Vice Mayor responded to his allegations by called him a "madman" and by warning him that it was a crime to lie under under oath.

PNP chief Ronald Dela Rosa also denied knowing Matobato. MJM

SOURCE: Rappler

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