(UPDATED) - President Duterte initially issued a nationwide declaration of state of lawless violence, but his special assistant, Bong Go clarified hours later that this was limited only to Mindanao.

This early morning, President Rodrigo Duterte declared “a state of lawlessness” or a “state of lawless violence” in order to combat the terrorism and illegal drugs trade. This was also following the explosion that happened in Davao City night market that left 14 dead and 67 wounded, based on the most recent police report.

“It’s not martial law,” he explained. However, this would require nationwide, and well-coordinated efforts of the military and the police. “There will be major checkpoints.”

Duterte declares ‘state of lawlessness’, not martial law
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“This is not the first time Davao has been sacrificed in the altar of violence,” Duterte added. He said that there have also been acts of terrorism in the past.

He cited the incident as a police matter and “not a war” and that it happened because Davao “is not under a fascist state.”

“Everybody can come in and out of Davao,” he said. “Davao is safe, there is no criminality here except terrorism.” ASCS

Source: Inquirer

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