PRESIDENT Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said that President Rodrigo Duterte said "go ahead" if Mary Jane Veloso "were to be executed."

Veloso is a Filipina death row inmate in Indonesia.

"President Duterte has given the go-ahead to proceed with the execution,” Jokowi was quoted as saying by Antara news agency in Serang, Banten and reported by Jakarta Post.

Duterte can’t stop Veloso’s execution, says Widodo
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The Indonesian President said that the legal process will be followed up by Attorney General M. Prasetyo.

“I have explained to [Duterte] about Mary Jane’s situation and I told him that Mary Jane [has been found guilty] for carrying 2.6 kilograms of heroin. I also told him about the delay in the execution during the meeting,” Jokowi said.

In 2010, Veloso was arrested at Adisucipto Airport in Yogyakarta.

In April, Veloso was excluded from the list of the third round of executions prepared by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), as legal procedures continue in a separate but related case in her country. 

Indonesian Attorney General HM Prasetyo said an exception was made for Veloso because her alleged recruiter surrendered, and Veloso may be able to testify on the case. 

Previously, Duterte had said that he would plead for Mary Jane's life when he meets Jokowi on his working visit to Indonesia, but he also said he was ready accept Indonesia's decision either way.

"Well, I may just have to ask [Indonesian President Joko] Widodo in a most respectful and in very, very courteous way. And if my pleadings will fall on deaf ears, I am ready to accept it – for the simple reason I do not doubt the judicial system of Indonesia," he said.

Last week, Veloso appealed to Duterte for help in "getting justice."

"I’ve been suffering for so long here in Indonesia, suffering even though I am innocent. You are my only hope," she said in an audio recording adding that she has been in Indonesia for seven years but still justice for her never prevailed."

“That’s all I ask from you - give me justice,” Veloso asked Duterte.

Meanwhile, Malacanan officials have yet to issue an official statement on this matter. AJRSP

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