AROUND 20 million Filipinos belonging to the 'poorest' sector will receive free and mandatory medical check-up, the Department of Health(DOH) said.

The health department said that is their target in the next 100 days. The campaign started Thursday, September 15 which coincides with the unveiling of the Duterte Health Agenda at the National Health Summit in Pasay City on the same day.

PHOTO BY: Boholnews
"We intend to measure the effect of our launching of the Duterte Health Agenda in the next 100 days after the launch. That would fall exactly on December 25, and we said that would be our Christmas gift to the Filipino people and that is to have mandatory check up of the 20 million poorest Filipinos," Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said in a press conference on Wednesday, September 14.

She said that a simple, basic check-up can lead to the early detection of several illnesses including Vitamin A deficiency, hematologic conditions, malnourishment, renal problems, and other illnesses caused by poverty.

The health secretary lamented that 30 percent of the Filipinos especially the less fortunate have no access to professional health workers.

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte has urged the health department to benchmark at Cuba's health services – especially its health human resource – as a model for public health.

The doctor-to-patient ratio in Cuba is at one doctor for every 1,075 population, far from the Philippines' status at one doctor for every 33,000 population.

"Our doctors are probably seeing 60 patients a day in the rural health unit, so, really, what our doctors would probably do is stay in rural health unit and not go to barangay visits, even the midwives and nurses," Ubial noted.

The Health department is positive and hopeful that by December 25 they can achieve the goal of providing a basic check-up to the 20 million poorest Filipinos. AJRSP

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