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CONTROVERSIAL Senator Leila de Lima on Monday pleads to President Rodrigo Duterte to end the hate and stop bothering her.

“Naawa na po ako sa inyo mahal na Pangulo, tigilan na ninyo ako. Ano po ang gusto ninyo sa akin? May gusto po ba kayo sa akin?” De Lima said.

She said the President is pitiful for going ballistic and prayed (with sarcasm) to God that he will be forgiven.

“Suddenly, he’s now -- for me, he’s now the lowest, vilest man in the country sa sobrang kabastusan na niya that’s why, God forgive him,” she added.

Duterte hit De Lima anew, at the oath-taking of officers of the Malacañang Press Corps, for claiming that inmate Jaybee Sebastian was a government asset.

“Was it a sexual asset or for information?” Duterte said.

The President assured that De Lima, who is facing a legislative probe on her alleged involvement in illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary, will face charges and be put inside the jail.

"Itong si De Lima makukulong to, on a national case. Who brought in the narcopolitics? It is here already. You elected a senator who was into narcopolitics. Who was being financed from the inside. 'Wag na sana sa labas. From the convict inside the prison, this senator, and won. What do you call that?" the President said.

"I do not ordinarily nagpapahiya pero si De Lima she screwed her driver and she screwed the nation. Gusto n'ya ko idamay," Duterte added citing the senator's effort of using self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato in a Senate hearing.

De Lima, in response said, all these are part of the administrations agenda --- to put her out of the position. AJRSP

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De Lima to Duterte: “May gusto ka ba sa akin?” De Lima to Duterte: “May gusto ka ba sa akin?” Reviewed by Unknown on 26 September Rating: 5

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