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The Philippine Daily Inquirer claimed that it has received a sex video  from a Filipino-American woman from the United States asking if De Lima was the woman.

Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has threatened the senaator that he will show a video proliferation of drugs in the New Bilibid Prison when De Lima was Justice Chair.

He said the video will serve as evidence of President Rodrigo Duterte's claims against her.
Inquirer let people watch the video, and described it this way:

"The video, which runs for one minute and 54 seconds, shows a woman whose slight facial resemblance to De Lima is highlighted by her wearing eyeglasses while having sexual intercourse with a man with dark features that almost look like he’s black.

A dog makes its presence felt by walking away from the scene near the video’s end."

The news agency said that one thing about the video was curious.

The woman keeps looking at the camera all throughout—as if trying to make sure her face is seen by viewers, it said.

The woman's face appeared to have been purposely blurred.

People reacted by claiming that the woman was most probably not De Lima.

“It’s blurred. You can’t see the face. Although she has a similar build, and I saw still photos in an online post showing the face of the woman, no doubt this is younger than De Lima. Only those with poor eyesight or dirty minds will say this is Leila. This video is fake,” a businessman said.

“Photoshopped or not, it can be someone else. There are lots of porn sites that feature people who look like other people. I even saw one who resembled Hillary Clinton,” explained a photographer.

One found her features "indistinguishable".

Most people claimed that the video was pure fake. MJM

SOURCE:  Inquirer

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