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Senator Leila de Lima said that she does  not keep billions of pesos in secret bank accounts, after several allegations that she received kickbacks from the illegal drug trade.

De Lima hit one of her accusers, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, calling him the leader of a "mafia of lies and intrigues".

"I have no millions or billions in my bank accounts. And I have no dummy accounts. Any alleged accounts that would be linked to me and my alleged drug links can only be fictitious," De Lima said.

Aguirre earlier said that he was to seek a freeze on bank accounts containing drug money.
He said he did not expect De Lima would deposit alleged drug payoffs in her personal account.

The senator had been accused of allowing drug trade to persist in the New Bilibid Prison during her term as justice secretary.

Duterte claims De Lima's driver and lover collected the money from detained drug lords.
This week, convicts have testified that they have helped De Lima raise money for her senatorial campaign this year in the Congressional probe on the proliferation of drugs in NBP.

House leaders granted them immunity from suit over their testimonies.

"Sec Aquirre and his operators are a mafia of lies and intrigues, who go to bed with criminal convicts just to get their perjured testimonies," De Lima said.

De Lima called the testimonies comical or "katawa-tawa".

"Ang kakampi pala ng Pangulo sa kanyang Giyera sa Droga ay ang mga drug lords na minsan sinabi nilang nag-ambag ng isang bilyon para ipapatay siya. Ano yun? Change of heart?"

(Now, the same drug lords whom the President accused of putting up a P1-billion bounty for his head have become his allies in the War on Drugs. What is that? Change of Heart?) she said. MJM


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