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Senator Leila De Lima on Friday, September 23 called Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II “stupid” for being blind with the government's inconsistent directions in its fight against illegal drugs.

This, following the House inquiries  allegedly pointing De Lima's role in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the New Bilibid Prison, the Philippines' national penitentiary in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila.

She raised why Aguirre was given liberty to cross-examine the same witnesses who are mostly drug convicts, that he brought to testify against her.

“The House allows Aguirre to conduct the examination of his own witnesses, while in the Senate, Matobato is subjected to uninhibited, gruelling cross-examination, at times with misleading questions designed to confuse a Grade 1 dropout,” De Lima said in a report.

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Edgar Motabato is the self-confessed hitman of the Davao Death Squad accusing President Rodrigo Duterte ordering killings in his time as City Mayor.

“Kasi daw ang mga drug lord at criminal sa Bilibid ngayon ay kakampi na ng Pangulo sa kanyang giyera sa droga,” De Lima said.

De Lima lambasted Aguirre by saying the Justice Secretary's situation is “laughable,"  pointing out the apparent flip-flopping of the Duterte administration in its campaign against illegal drugs.

"Napakalaki nilang mga tanga para hindi mapansin na nagkakabalubaluktot na ang kanilang mga sinasabi," she said.

“Ni hindi napapansin ni Aguirre kung gaano na katawa-tawa ang sitwasyon nila. Ang kakampi pala ng Pangulo sa kanyang Giyera sa Droga ay ang mga drug lords na minsan sinabi nilang nag-ambag ng isang bilyon para ipapatay siya,” she added.

Convicts, criminals, and gang leaders have pointed fingers to her of receiving drug money for her 2016 senatorial campaign.

However, the Senator has denied all accusations, She claimed all evidence and testimonies presented against her are only fabricated. She even said some witnesses were tortured or pressured to testify against her.  AJRSP


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