Due to her continued prosecution and the personal attacks thrown at her, Senator Leila de Lima plans to ask the help of the Supreme Court in filing petitions for writs of amparo and habeas data.

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She said that attacks are coming at her from all directions, especially now that the ongoing inquiry regarding the proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison during her time as the justice secretary under the Aquino administration.

“I am now a subject of prosecution and I am no longer safe; I don’t feel safe. The truth is, I’m not safe,” the senator said in a press conference. “They’re (administration) violating my rights—my right to security and privacy.”

She is dubious of letting the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines protect her. However, she is considering the idea of seeking protection from Senate security.

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She also confirmed that she was unable to go home on Tuesday after the House inquiry released her address in Paranque city, as well as her mobile phone number. Her neighbors are being bothered by other people, she said.

The senator also said that he shad her phone line cut after she is lambasted by 2,000 obscene and hate text messages from trolls Duterte fanatics. She also dismissed the call for her to resign. 

“Why should I resign? I’m the one being persecuted here,” she insisted. “This is getting to be outrageous and laughable.” ASCS

Source: Philstar

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