THE Senate investigation on the spate of killings of alleged drug suspects should focus where it should be, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said Thursday.

Bato: Why focus on “DDS”?
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“Nagulat ako bakit umabot doon sa DDS. Akala ko war on drugs. Akala ko extrajudicial killings at war on drugs. E yung mga pinagsasabi nya ilang years na yun na noon pa,” Dela Rosa said in a statement.

Last Thursday, a witness came and confessed and focused on supposed killings conducted by the “Davao Death Squad” when Duterte was mayor of the city.

Self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato testified about the killings staged by the DDS, of which he claimed to be a member from 1988 to 2014. He even testified that Dela Rosa, who was then a leader of Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF)-Eastern Mindanao, gave them the go-signal to kill alleged international terrorist Sali Makdum.

“The timing and his presence diyan sa hearing na yan is questionable na in the first place. Akala ko war on drugs ang pinag-uusapan, yung extrajudicial killing in relation to the war on drugs. E bakit yung kay Matobato na matagal na,” he added.

Dela Rosa said he does not personally know Matobato.

He added that he was no longer with the PAOCTF when the supposed incident happened in 2002.

“Yung year na iyon tapos na PAOCTF nun noong 2001 pa lang, dissolved na kami at ako ay in-assign na sa Catitipan and later on na-assign ako sa national headquarters sa Directorate for Human Resource Doctrine and Development,” he said.

Asked on what he will do with the police personnel mentioned by Matobato, Dela Rosa said he will let the Senate committee invite them. AJRSP

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