PHILIPPINE National Police Chief, Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa was on fire last Wednesday after hearing comments and sentiments that the war on drugs is a 'losing' war.

“What do you want? What do they want to happen? The drug lords to win this war?" he outbursted.

Bato to critics: So you want drug lords to win this 'war'?
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“If this is not a winnable war by the government, does it mean to say that they want the drug lords to lord it over and be the winner in this war? How.... I don't know.... How frustrating other sectors can be. We are risking our lives, we are doing everything to solve this problem and yet they keep on telling us that this is an unwinnable war. Wow!” said Dela Rosa, in a report, at the sidelines of a shooting competition in Lipa City.

As Police Chief, Dela Rosa was catapulted in the position by President Rodrigo Duterte to lead the "war on drugs" waged by the present administration, fulfilling one of his promises during the campaign period earlier this year.

Dela Rosa, during the intensified campaign against drugs, has been hearing the charge against illegal drugs. Also, he has had to constantly defend the PNP from allegations that police themselves are breaking the rule of law to pursue such 'war' even at the price of neglecting human rights as claimed by some advocates.

Last September 12, the Global Commission on Drug Policy released an open letter to Duterte, calling on him to end his current “bloody” strategy against illegal drugs.

“Mr. President, we believe that your current strategy also constitutes an unwinnable war, at a terrible cost to your population. It is not a question of choosing between human rights and the safety of your people, as you have claimed, but the means employed to address crime must not result in further crimes against individuals whose conduct often causes very little harm,” read the letter, penned by former Brazil president Fernando Cardoso, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour, and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

“We acknowledge that your people are concerned with high crime and corrupt institutions; there is little evidence to show, however, that drugs represent the root of the widespread corruption and insecurity which your countrymen are concerned about," it added.

However, Dela Rosa was firm and unfazed by the Commission’s open letter and other similar complaints.

“They have to come here to the Philippines to see for themselves and feel it for themselves. They just keep on criticizing, coming from the outside. You should come here. Be present in Philippine soil and be with the people and ask the people how do they feel with what the police are doing right now,” Dela Rosa said in response to the letter.

The tough Police Chief also said that they are confident that majority of the Filipino people are on their side on this 'war'. AJRSP

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