Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronal “Bato” Dela Rosa called himself the richest cop in the Philippines and claimed this is the reason why can refuse bribes.

Bato says he is the richest cop in PH
Photo by Inquirer
As PNP Chief, he receives a salary of Php 133,114 a month, which is six times the salary of the lowest Police Officer with the rank Police Officer 1 (P01) which is Php 22,696 a month.

Dela Rosa resides in the White House in Camp Crame, the official residence of the PNP Chief. Every month his salary is reducted Php 1500. 

“That’s why I cannot be bribed by gambling lords.” he said in an interview in Camp Olivas in Pampanga.

After the controversial war on drugs of the Duterte administration, it is set to combat illegal gambling.

Bato has previously mentioned that gambling lords are already offering him bribes amounting to millions to spare them from. MJM

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