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Is it hoax or real?

Few days ago, an article posted in a satirical website which gone viral said Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie said last Monday that United States of America needs someone like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to entirely end drug abuse in  US.

"We need a Duterte in US," she said in a report.

It can be linked that drugs may seem playing a role in the breakup with her husband Brad Pit who was allegedly used weed and alcohol.

The famous Hollywood celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina announced their breakup earlier last week.

The actress Angelina filed a divorce from her husband Pitt due to anger, conflict with their children, and alleged Brad use of illegal substance.

On Monday, Jolie cited irreconcilable differences on the legal documents that she filed.

Whatever the real thing is, bottomline is every country needs a leaders who has a political will and a vision of a safer and progressive nation. AJRSP

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