Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aquirre said that allegations of widespread corruption and thriving drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison while Senator Leila de Lima was justice secretary  has been confirmed in the lower House investigation.

Aguirre: Someone higher than De Lima profited from NBP payoffs
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He claimed that someone with a higher position than De Lima was benefiting from the alleged deals with high-profile inmates.

After the hearing that was conducted by the House Representative's Justice Committee, Aguirre said that aside from witness testimonies, the phone number that was allegedly used by de Lima in communicating with drug lords inside the prison was among the evidence presented.

De Lima is said to have been communicating with high-profile inmates, among which was drug lord Herbert Colangco in 2014.

Aguirre said they are now coordinating with PLDT for records of the number.

Aguirre also denied allegations from De Lima that the Justide Department harrassed and coerced the inmates to testify. He said the witness' demeanor is enough confirmation that they were willing to testify.

He vouched for the credibility of the witnesses he presented in the hearing.

The Justice Secretary also denied all allegations from De Lima that Duterte was involved in the congressional probe. He said he has not talked to the president yet.

Aguirre said De Lima and her cohorts will be indicted once the Department of Justice formally files a case against them.

He claims they will reveal the identity of the high-ranking official involved with the dealings inside Bilibid, as evidenced by his bank account involved. MJM

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Aguirre: Someone higher than De Lima profited from NBP payoffs Aguirre: Someone higher than De Lima profited from NBP payoffs Reviewed by Kristian S. on 21 September Rating: 5

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