JUST weeks before the government resumption of formal talks with the National Democratic Front in Oslo, Norway, the word war is still on between President Rodrigo Duterte and exiled communist leader Jose Maria Sison.

Duterte on Friday, August 5 called his former teacher "arrogant,” during the Camp General Macario B. Peralta in Jamindan in Capiz.

It can be noted that Sison tagged Duterte out for being too hot-headed and imprudent when he lifted the government's unilateral ceasfire with communist rebels.

“Sinabi ko kay, itong si Sison, nagbubula-bula ang baba, laway niya lumulusot doon sa screen. Akala mo naman kung sino magsalita. Ni hindi nga sila makahawak ng isang barangay,” Duterte said.

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(I said, this Sison, bubbles keep forming on his mouth, his saliva goes through the screen. You would think he's a big shot the way he speaks. They can't even rule a barangay.)

The continuation of the peace talks is set from August 20 to 27.

Duterte also commented on the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) for overestimating its power.
“Itong komunista, akala mo kung magsalita (These communists, when they talk you'd think), they are the force to reckon with when as a matter of fact they cannot even occupy a barangay in a single day,” he said.

He called the group arrogant and deluded. “Nayayabangan ako sa iyo (I find you arrogant), as if you are really the one in power,” Duterte said.

The present government is asking the courts speed up positive response on its request to release of political prisoners in a bid for the communist leaders and members participate in the talks.

The Supreme Court on Friday denied the Duterte administration’s plea to temporarily release detained CPP chairman Benito Tiamzon and 10 other rebel leaders who have been tapped to join the NDF n its negotiations with government in Oslo. The High Court underscored that the decision will be turned back to the regional courts. AJRSP

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