Senator Leila de Lima disclosed yesterday that there are “snippets of truth” in the accusations thrown against her by President Rodrigo Duterte. However, his link to drugs is an “absolute lie”.

The senator broke her silence in a chance interview with reporters. “What I am seeing now is that the people do not know what is the truth and what is not. Are these the truth or lies?”

“But this is what I can tell you,” she said. “We’ve seen some snippets of facts, snippets of truths, but the bulk of it are distortions, exaggerations, and lies.”

According to the senator, the one where she is being accused of having someone to collect money from Bilibid is an “absolute lie”.

“We’ve seen some snippets of facts” –De Lima on Duterte’s accusations
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Last Wednesday, the President again made headlines by lambasting an “immoral senator” who is allegedly receiving money from drug syndicates at the New Bilibid Prison through her personal driver, who is coincidentally her lover.

Later that day, Duterte said that he was talking about De Lima.

“I have been denying this for a long time already. Remember, these are the insinuations that I am a protector, coddler of drug lords or drug convicts because I benefited from them; I’m on their payroll as they claimed or that they contributed to my campaign funds,” the senator said. 

She said that she’d never do it as she has never betrayed her oath as a public servant and she doesn’t intend to, especially now that she has a mandate from the people.

De Lima also strongly denied that she was the one who paid for the house of her former driver and lover. She is thinking of holding a press conference to put an end to all the accusations and to clear her name—preferably before the start of her committee’s investigation into extrajudicial killings of alleged drug pushers.

The senator did not specify what were the “snippets of truth” in the accusations. ASCS

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“We’ve seen some snippets of facts” –De Lima on Duterte’s accusations “We’ve seen some snippets of facts” –De Lima on Duterte’s accusations Reviewed by Unknown on 20 August Rating: 5

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