The Philippines is set to meet with China to discuss an international tribunal’s ruling against its territorial claims on the West Philippine Sea.

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed former President Fidel Ramos as special  envoy to China last month.

Ramos, now 88 years old, has maintained the good ties he has established with China during his presidency.

A source close to Ramos said that the former president has been busy preparing for the talks, and that a small delegation is bound to go with him, including his Mandarin-speaking grandson.

Vietnam to PH: Dealing with China is a trap
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Meanwhile, Vietnam is giving warnings.

Vietnamese citizens told Filipinos that dealing with China is a trap, having learned from the parcel war between Vietnam and China in 1973. At the time, Vietnam sent a delegation to China to sort their differences without knowing that the latter was already set to invade it.

Unprepared Vietnamese forces clashed with the People’s Liberation Army Navy in the Paracel Island chain.

The two countries were competing for the islands which the Vietnamese called Hoang Sa and the Chinese called Xisha.   The People’s Liberation Army started seizing the other half, and on Jan 16, Vietnames officers found Chinese soldiers and ships already setting up shop on Drummond Island.

Vietnamese troops were unaware of the situation. The following day, 30 South Vietnamese SEALs went ashore on another island and tore down a flag the Chinese placed there.

On Jan 18, PLA forces attacked the Vietnames forces, killing at least 80 Vietnamese. MJM

Source: The Maharlikan

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