On Monday, the United States aired out their concerned over the spate of extrajudicial killings of alleged drug users and pushers in the Philippines, after President Rodrigo Duterte launched a literally bloody war on drugs.

Ever since the campaign period, Duterte has also promised to end the crime in the Philippines by using the same method that made Davao the ‘safe’ province that it is today: the “shoot-to-kill”.

Since his inauguration on June 30, police reports have shown that more than 400 drug suspects have been killed. However, according to ABS-CBN, the death toll is around 852 if summary executions are to be included.

US airs out concern in PH’s war on drugs
photo by Mark Cristino/EPA
State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said that the United States was “concerned”. She said that they believe in rule of law, in due process, and in respect for universal human rights.

“We believe—fundamentally—that those aspects ensure and promote long-term security. We are concerned by these detentions, as well as the extrajudicial killing of individuals suspected to be involved in drug activity in the Philippines.”

On August 7, Duterte read out loud his list of names that included more than 160 judges, mayors, legislators, police, and military individuals who are allegedly involved in illegal drug trade. He demanded for them to surrender.

Last month before his meeting with the President, US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed his belief that civil and human rights need to be respected even in the process of keeping the societies safe. ASCS

Source: Rappler

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