Good thing for the Quezon City Police District (QCPD), they didn’t spare one of their top-rank officials who were involved in illegal drugs trade.

Senior Insp. Ramon Castillo was killed in a shootout when he was caught selling drugs that were originally confiscated from drug pushers. If QCPD let this one pass, the whole campaign against illegal drugs and crimes would’ve collapsed on itself.

It clearly sent its message across, and that is no one is above the law—even high-ranking police officials who implement them.

However, the campaign would earn more credibility if more politicians, media people, celebrities, clergymen, and government officials will be exposed for their illegal drug activities. The masses would most probably celebrate if they, the personalities, would end up having the same fate as Castillo.

Two prominent TV execs on drugs
Photo by Philstar

Prominent TV personalities on drugs

The involvement of some of them has already been fed to PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa. And regarding the two media personalities, they have already been placed under surveillance.

According to a credible source, one is a society page columnist while the other is a TV personality. They allegedly supply shabu and ecstasy through pushers in their bars in Bonifacio City in Taguig.

A TV network official is also purportedly hooked on cocaine and isn’t it ironic how their network preach against illegal drugs when one of their officials is a junkie? ASCS

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