Two Chinese inmates dead in jail explosion
Photo by Vincent Go, ABS-CBN News
Ten inmates were killed in a grenade explosion inside the Paranaque Jail last night. Among the ten casualties were two Chinese nationals with charges against illegal drugs.

According to Paranque police chief Senior Superintendent Jose Carumba, the two inmates were transferred to the custody of Bureau of Jail Management and Penology November of 2015.

The ten fatalities were:
  1. Jacky Huang
  2. Warren Manampen
  3. Ronald Domdom
  4. Danilo Pineda
  5. Joseph Villasor
  6. Oliver Sarreal
  7. Jerami Flores
  8. Rodel Domdom
  9. Jonathan Ilas
  10. Yungchan Cai

Huang and Cai were the two Chinese inmates who were killed.

Carumba also disclosed that six other inmates were also involved in illegal drugs, while robbery and homicide were charged to the rest.

According to the initial observation, the grenade was owned by the inmates, as well as the Uzi submachine gun. They stand by their theory that they the inmates were planning to escape because they were talking to the warden while carrying arms.

Carumba said that there was gunfire when the warden realized that the inmates were armed. The Paraauqe police is now planning to cooperate with the BJMP to do an intensive investigation about the incident. ASCS

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Source: ABS-CBN News

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