If the Aquinos were so certain that these crimes were committed by Marcos, why were they not investigated?

August 21 marks two important events in Philippine history where two dastardly crimes were committed.

Tiglao: Two Aquino presidents in PH history but why were these ‘Marcos crimes’ not investigated?
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However, after two Aquino presidents, Cory and Noynoy, it is a mystery why these crimes were not officially investigated on. 

From a commentary by journalist Rigoberto Tiglao for the Manila Times, he said that if the Aquinos were in fact certain that these crimes were spearheaded by then president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos, how come there were no official investigative units assigned to work on the cases?

On August 21, 1971, four grenades were hurled at the stage of the Liberal Party’s grand miting de avance, killing nine and wounding 95. The bombing was instantly blamed on Marcos.

Decades later, Jose Ma. Sison, leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines then was revealed to have been the mastermind of the ‘secret operation’. According to their documents at the time, the reason behind the attack was to ‘intensify the split within the ruling class in order to create a revolutionary flow.’ In simpler terms, the bombing was to push opposition Liberal Party to strike back at Marcos. Then the country would enter a civil war, and the Communist Party could take advantage.

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The Plaza Miranda attack was one of the events that made Marcos plan to impose Martial Law.

However, opposition leader Romeo Espino and his allies were convinced that Ninoy Aquino had allied with the Communists and the NPA.  

“How else could one explain that he was the only Liberal Party senatorial candidate who was spared from the attack since the grenades exploded while Ninoy was still far from the plaza?”

Another question bothered the people: Why would the brilliant strategist Ferdinand Marcos undertake an attack that would obviously be blamed on him?

Even after Ninoy and his colleagues from the LP sat in position three months later, nobody pursued an investigation.

On August 21, 1983,  Ninoy Aquino was assassinated. This event  led to the “People Power I” overthrow of Marcos in 1986.

The same question arose: Why would the brilliant strategist Ferdinand Marcos undertake an assassination that would obviously be blamed on him?

Tiglao said he found it astonishing how the alleged killer, Rolando Galman was killed even before Aquino’s body was slammed on the tarmac.

“As astonishing is the fact that despite 12 years Ninoy’s widow Corazon Aquino and his son Benigno Aquino III wielded the tremendous powers of a Philippine president, they did nothing to unmask the murders’ brains.” Tiglao said.

It would not have been difficult for the part of these two presidents who sat for a total of 12 years, to hire investigators to reveal the truth? Or were they hiding it?

Tiglao said that the only logical explanation he could think of is that sources revealed to Cory Aquino the real identity of the man or group who masterminded the death of her husband.

If it was Marcos, why was it not made public?

“Or was Cory told that if she made public the brains of her husband’s murder, she would be so easily toppled by Enrile’s RAM rebels, so that she just had to suffer quietly, the patriotic thing for her to do. After all, she probably could have been told, her entire narrative of the widow going after her husband’s murderer would collapse if she were to disclose the real mastermind”

One more question boggled Tiglao: Why did these two events happen on the same day?

Aquino arrived in Taipei on the 19th but booked his flight on the 21st. Was his date of return a message to Marcos, one that only the two of them understood? MJM

Source: Manila Times

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